Increase the Length of Your Penis by Jelqing

Power J Gym tool

If you want to enhance the length as well as girth of your penis, then you should start using the most appropriate techniques of jelqing. It is best that you also switch to the Power J Gym Tool if you want results of the highest possible quality. For more info about the ideal techniques of jelqing, you must not shy away from browsing online on trusted websites. You can rest assured that you can make a lot of difference within a relatively short time. Your sex life will become better than ever before because a more significant male organ will suit not only you but also your partner.

How long should you do it?
Some self-acclaimed experts will tell you that if you want the best possible outcome, then you must use jelq for more than twenty minutes every day. The reality is that twenty minutes is the maximum time for which you should ever perform this activity. You must not forget that if you jelq for more than twenty minutes, then the chances of injuries will increase to a great extent. If you are doing it for 15-20 minutes, then you must use jelq on alternate days.

Plenty of rest is crucial
Some of you might think that jelqing every day is the best way to take things forward. The truth is that it is always better to give your organ time to relax and repair because jelqing might take a toll on it. Real experts will always tell you to perform jelqing on alternate days. If you are not happy with this schedule, then you should consider staying away from jelqing on the weekends. Your suitability to this form of exercise for your penis is also essential to get optimum results.

Do not jelq with an erect penis
A lot of people will tell you that if you want an immediate increase in the length and girth of your penis, then it is better to jelq when it is erect. However, it is the worst possible advice that you are ever going to get. Erect penises are always prone to injury and jelqing at such times can be dangerous. The probability of burst veins will increase considerably. So, you should never use jelq when your male organ is erect. You will not even get desired results.

A flaccid penis yields optimum results
If your male organ is completely soft when you are jelqing, then you will get the results that you desire. Following the correct technique is vital at all times. So, if you manage to follow the ideal methods of jelqing on a flaccid penis, then the length of your organ will increase substantially within a couple of weeks.

Consistency is the key
Many people have reported that the length of their penis increase by almost an inch when they started jelqing on a flaccid penis. Yes, they also followed all the safety guidelines to keep things under control. However, the results proved to be astonishingly pleasant for these people. If you want to get a similar boost, then you start jelqing at the earliest opportunity.