An Overview Of Eight Week Transition Diet Program

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People wish to lose weight and stay healthy by following various diet programs. Beachbody eating plans come with an eight-week transition diet that would help to reduce your weight. This is a simple diet plan which concentrates mainly on eliminating junks and sugar. You have to make sure that you eat healthy in the eight-week plan so that you can achieve your goal. The diet plan is mainly based on clean eating which offers various benefits. The site gives an overview of the eight-week transition diet program. Check it out on the Internet how weight loss can help you to get out of problems that you face due to obesity.
The article below gives an overview of the eight-week transition diet program of Beachbody eating plan.

Clean Eating And Transition Diets
This diet plan is mainly on clean eating where you try to change your unhealthy eating habits. It is not that you have to be perfect all the time. There are some cheats and treats allowed in the program which makes the program realistic. Transition diet would help to follow clean eating, and this would be ideal for people who cannot resist eating junk food or other stuff. It is a simple plan where you have to cut down a few foodstuffs and eat anything other than that. The program aims to change your eating habits clean by following a systematic and gradual diet plan that works almost for everyone.

Week 1: The basic rule that you have to follow when starting with the 8-week transition diet program is eliminating junks in your diets. You have to avoid eating food items like potato chips, candy, cakes, ice cream, etc. You may not be very perfect with this rule. You can break the rule for two days, and you can have some junk in these two days of a week. This is because when you cut on a particular type of food, your body craves for it. So it is better to eat them rather than avoiding it altogether. You have to focus on your water intake during the first week of the diet plan. Drink a lot of water and stay hydrated.

Week 2: The no junk rule is to be followed in week 2, and now you have an extra rule to follow which is eating small meals at regular intervals. You have to eat something for every two hours and do not eat anything before you sleep. You have two days for breaking the rules in the second week. Include a lot of complex carbs in your diet.

Week 3: Include low-density food on every meal and try to include as much protein in your diet. Make sure that your meal looks colorful. The number of cheat days allowed is reduced to one.

Week 4: In this week you have to cook your food and avoid food from restaurants. You can break the rule for a day in this week.

Week 5: You have to avoid eating foods that contain starchy carbohydrates and also reduce the intake of sugar.

Week 6: You have to avoid processed foods and include only whole foods in your diet.

Week 7: In this week you listen to your inner self and eat accordingly. Try to eat as healthy as possible.

Week 8: Eat a healthy balanced diet for a week

The above article gives an overview of the eight-week transition diet program.