Preparing Yourself For A Breast Augmentation Procedure

Preparing For Surgery

Breast augmentation is becoming more and more popular these days all thanks to the confidence boost it imparts to the women who chose it. It helps them feel more secure, happy and confident about their appearance. They stop being self-conscious about their looks and walk head held high even in public places and social gatherings. So how do you prepare yourself for the procedure? Here is a quick look at the prep for breast augmentation! Check it out and be prepared for the day!

2 Weeks Before The Surgery
The preparations should start at least two weeks before the procedure. Here are the steps you need to follow:
· If you are consuming products containing aspirin or aspirin tablets on a regular basis, stop consuming it.
· Make an appointment with your family health specialist for a complete check-up before the procedure.
· In case you develop any illness or even a small cold during this period, never forget to inform that to your breast augmentation specialist.
· The healing process after surgery can be quickened with intake of vitamins. Hence, start taking vitamin tablets containing iron, minerals and vitamin C
· Quit smoking!
· Make arrangements to have a close one, maybe a relative or a nurse to take care of you after the surgery during the first twenty-four hours.
· In case you are consuming any phentermine or herbal medications, stop consuming it. Vitamin E supplements also have to be stopped. The meagre amounts of vitamin E present in multivitamin tablets are fine.

2 Days Before The Surgery
As the days are fast approaching, you need to take necessary care:

· Visit your nearest drug store and get all the prescriptions.
· Visit the grocery store and get some light foods like tea, toast, juices, crackers, jelly, soup, bagels, etc.
· Get a good quality liquid soap
· It is better to get a stool softener as the medications can cause constipation.

The Evening Before The Surgery
· Remove off all your jewels and take a refreshing bath with a clean soap. Make sure you are fully clean.
· It is better to avoid heavy meals. Take some light food that does not cause gas issues.
· Take complete rest and sleep well at night.
· You should not drink or eat anything after 12 am, the night before the surgery.

The Day Of Surgery!
· Never drink or eat anything before surgery. Also, you have to keep off from smoking.
· Take a shower with clean soap and avoid usage of deodorants and makeup.
· Avoid using jewels, hair pins, wigs or hairpieces. Dress in comfortable and loose clothes.
· Ask a near one to drive you over to the hospital and make sure you have a sensible adult to take care of you for the next twenty-four hours.
After The Surgery
· Take good rest. But don’t just lie on your bed. It is better to lie on your back or sides. When you lie down on your bed, make sure you keep moving your feet and legs to ensure good blood circulation.
· You might observe a slight bloody discharge through the bandage. There is no need to panic. It is normal!
· Try to limit the movement of your arms to a minimum for the first forty-eight hours. You could brush your teeth and comb your hair. But never try lifting any heavy objects. You can slowly start using your arms after 48 hours.
· Try to follow a light diet. You could start off with liquids and then proceed to light diets.
· You could take pain medications prescribed by your doctor in case of any discomfort.
· There can be some swelling and pain in the area after the surgery. But contact your medical practitioner immediately if you feel any hardness in the swelling or if one side appears to be large than the other.